australia | brisbane

This past September I traveled halfway across the world to visit my sister, Sarah, who lives in Brisbane, Australia! I went by myself when I was 11-weeks pregnant. Crazy much?! Haha, it was the perfect time to go, actually. My husband was busy in school and I needed a break after the hectic summer that included getting pregnant via IVF, shooting 15 weddings, and moving to Las Vegas!

Brisbane is a wonderful city that's easy to navigate and fun to walk around. And the food?!? To die for gourmet. I indulged in every single local cuisine I could get my hands on! I loved being able to see how my sister lives in another country! For instance, she used to get to work via boat! That's right, it's called the CityCat (short for Catamaran) and then would walk in to work from her stop. Charming, to say the least!