australia | cairns

I'm sad to admit I don't have many photos from my two days in Cairns!! Why? Well, I was exhausted from all my traveling and I wanted a little break from everything. I spent the majority of my time there enjoying the beach and water, both things that don't mesh well with a camera. So I used my phone, which you can see here. Forgive the not-too-stellar quality here!

The Great Barrier Reef actually took my breath away as we were flying over it, about to land at the airport there. I couldn't believe how bright it actually was! Neon, almost! I immediately thanked God for my being alive and for being in that spot at that moment. I felt so lucky to be seeing such an out-of-this-world natural phenomenon! It's definitely a feeling I'll remember for the rest of my life.

I snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef, which was beautiful in every way. Colorful fish, enormous fish, tiny fish, and the actual reef that was diverse at every turn. I loved it, to say the least. Cairns and Palm Cove are two cities I would love to visit once again!