my anniversary | february 26th, 2009

I met Paul in the spring of 2007 while I was attending photography school at the Brooks Institute of Photography. We happened to be in the same LDS church, so it was easy and natural to begin a friendship. We became instant buds, going on bike rides and watching movies and taking midnight dips into the ocean or talking on the pier. This man I had just met soon became my entire world ... the person I thought about when I woke up, and didn't stop thinking about until when I was unconscious. And even then he would make appearances in my dreams! Talk about cheesy, but I'm not even exaggerating. I fell in love so hard and so quick it actually surprised me! Luckily Paul felt the same way, so it was easily the best friendship-turned-courtship ... a really natural transition for us.

Fast forward to the winter of 2009 when we tied the knot in Salt Lake City, UT at the LDS Temple there. Best day of my life. I felt so calm, like I knew I had made the right choice! Today, six years later, that feeling hasn't changed one bit. I now know I made the right choice to say yes to this hunk of a man! He compliments me so well in almost everything, and he's the person I look to in all things. I am so happy (and lucky) to be expecting a son with him and can't wait to see him as a father!

I love you, Paul Olson. Thank you for being the best husband and friend a girl could ask for!

Photos by the lovely Kirsten Ellis of Beaux Arts Photographie