first impressions of my new home

I've lived here in Henderson, Nevada a total of 2.5 days and .... I love it here! Already we've been welcomed by neighbors, friends came to visit (and help move in) from Phoenix, and we managed to snag a dinner invite from a local here who saw we just moved in! Seriously, what? The nicest people ever live here. I already feel like an old friend who has come back to visit. It's kind of wonderful here!

Paul and I live near almost everything! We're 8 miles from the strip (which some may say is a bad thing ... or good thing), a Target is literally right around the corner, along with Einstein's and Nordstrom Rack and Chipotle. And Trader Joe's. Now, if you know me you know these are all my favorite things on the earth, so I am sitting pretty knowing I can walk 3 minutes to all of these spots.

Our apartment has all the amenities a person could ask for! An attached garage, a washer/dryer, a dishwasher, two bathrooms, two sinks in the master bathroom. Now, all of these things may seem trivial to most but to Paul and me we have never had one of the above mentioned so we feel quite luxurious in our new space!

This whole living-in-Nevada thing is going to be a blast, I can already tell.