way, way too long!

Has it really been over two years since my last post? Sheeeeesh, I’m blushing just thinking about that! Time has truly escaped me and wow, I clearly need to start using technology (ahem, reminders much?!?) to help remind me to post! BUUUUUUT just because I’m not posting doesn’t mean I’m not working! I still photograph ALL. THE. TIME. Blogging has just taken a back seat to parenting, trying to sleep, pretending I exercise, feeding three hungry boys, bathing three dirty boys, Instagram checking, FaceTiming family, cleaning, spending quality time with my husband, and so on and so forth.

2019 … I promise I will blog in this, here, year! It’s got to happen. So here goes. And of course since 2019 began with the birth of my third son on January 2nd I will start by introducing my three boys.

ELLIOT - 3, alllllllllllmost 4, and is the most outgoing, sweet boy I know! He always loves to say hello to perfect strangers (especially in the drive-thru). Cars are his JAM and now he’s moved on to Transformers because cars AND aliens/robots! He loves to ride his bike and scooter, honey-nut cheerios are his go-to breakfast choice, and he runs around 24/7! Oh, and his laugh is killer cute.

ISAAC - 2, and perfectly 2. He’s already missing a tooth and is the clumsiest human I’ve ever known, with an almost daily head bonk. And I’m not just talking bonk….full on falling off walls onto rocks kind of bonks. He is insane! And so adorable I could cry every time I look at him. He copies everything his big brother says and does and tries to keep up on his bike and scooter! He’s the best eater I know and loves sugar a little too much!

GRAHAM - 6-weeks old! He’s perfect. Like, wow. He looks just like Elliot! He’s such a good baby that crying is not his norm! He puts up with his two older brothers smothering him like crazy all day every day so he’s got to be easy going or else how would he survive? He cranks his neck to stare at the ceiling fan, he’s so into it! And he sleeps, eats, and poops like the perfect baby should!