be my valentine

I'm not typically one to gush over Valentine's Day, but as I was looking through old photos last night I came across these two beauties. I simply couldn't resist telling you my lovey-dovey dating story about the day these photos were taken! They were taken in August 2008, and on this particular day we drove down to the LA Diamond District. At the time we were living in Santa Barbara so we thought it would be a great adventure to go ring shopping together. Hours and hours went by, and several bargaining deals later we bought my engagement ring! Well, we paid for the ring but it wouldn't be ready for a few weeks ... so we left empty-handed, but our hearts were so, so full. In our minds it was the day we became unofficially officially engaged. I'll never forget that experience looking for the perfect ring and that weekend down in LA with Paul. 

So today on this Valentine's Day I want to tell my dearest Paul how much I love him. Muah!