elliot | first photo shoot

I can't believe the time is finally here ... the time when I get to post photos of my own flesh and blood! This is my darling son, Elliot Olson. In these photos he's only five days old, so he's teeny tiny! Well, a "tiny" 8lb 3oz baby, but still. This was his very first photo shoot with me, his momma. Personally, I think he killed it!

This child makes me happier than I knew or could understand was possible. Motherhood is truly the best and I feel lucky everyday that I get to do this!

las vegas | downtown container park

I didn't know what all the fuss was about when it came to the downtown container park in Las Vegas. That is until I went. The first thing I smelled was incredible food. The first thing I heard was children playing. And the first thing I saw was how great of a park this is! The container park is just as it sounds ... a park built from refurbished train containers. It's really kind of a cool and colorful idea! Smack dab in the middle of the park is a giant treehouse for kids to entertain themselves in. When I have children, or if people with children come to visit, this would definitely be the first place I take them! They even have outdoor movies on weekend nights! It's for adults, too, complete with an open container policy after 9pm and live music.

Bottom line is ... this park has it all! Next time I go will be on an empty stomach.

moving | ut - nv

Three months ago Paul and I received the wonderful news he got into Graduate School down in Henderson, Nevada! We were ecstatic to receive the news, especially because this was the answer to our prayers ... plus we needed a change. Big time.

Although I couldn't be more excited to move on with our lives, I am beyond sad to be leaving Salt Lake City ... my home. My parents are here, two of my five siblings are here, nieces and nephews are here, many of my friends are here. Paul will miss fishing and I will miss tree-lined streets. Paul will miss trail-running and I will miss four seasons. Paul will miss Real Salt Lake and I will miss attending General Conference

There are many things we're looking forward to, as well, so it's not all sad! Paul couldn't be more excited to be in school and moving towards a career and life he wants. I can't wait to have yet another place to call home (with Santa Barbara being my second home). We are both excited to eat our way through the diverse eateries and restaurants in Las Vegas! We are also both really looking forward to meeting new friends and making great connections with the wonderful people of Nevada.

Utah, you will be missed. Nevada ... here we come! 


Before visiting the island of Kauai I had heard it was paradise ... the prettiest place ... heaven. I'd visited Oahu twice so I thought I knew what Hawaii had to offer. Boy was I wrong!! Kauai really is a tropical paradise! It's small enough to see the entire island during your trip, there is enough variation in scenery for everyone's tastes, activities for all skill levels and interests, and some of the prettiest coastline I've ever seen. The towns throughout the Island are small and quaint but with big taste! We were very impressed with the food in Kauai, but outside of the hotels.

Some of the highlights of our trip were:

  • Catamaran to the Na' Pali Coastline ... we saw three pods of dolphins, two sea turtles, lots of jumping fish, and of course while we snorkeled we saw many brilliantly colored fish.
  • Kayaking up the Wailua River to the Secret Falls. It was not only breathtakingly beautiful, but a workout as well!
  • Hiking the Na' Pali Coast up the Kalalau Trail 3 miles in and wow ... such a pretty hike!
  • Hiking to one of the wettest spots on earth! Mount Waialeale receives 450+ inches of rain a year! It was a muddy hike, complete with a fall and being covered entirely in mud!
  • Stand-Up Paddle Boarding in Hanalei Bay
  • Touring a Taro Farm
  • The short hike and the gorgeous view at the Queen's Bath
  • Waimea Canyon was unreal!

Bottom line is we had a blast and we will return there in our lifetime, guaranteed!