luv + ry | engagements

Guys ..... it's been ages since I've blogged! Blame the baby, work, school, the holidays, and maybe the fact that I find blogging and social media in general for my business just bleh. It doesn't mean it's not insanely important ... because it IS! I just need to resolve to be better about it and post some great shoots because they're happening all the time! 

This is one of those shoots. Luv + Ry are two beautiful people who have known each other since they were teens! They're sooooooo comfortable with each other so it made photographing them a cinch! Congrats you two on your engagements!

erin + eric engagements

I was looking through my photos today and realized I never posted this cute engagement shoot from January! This winter engagement shoot was freeeeeezing! Kudos to these two for braving the frigid temperatures up Big Cottonwood Canyon at their cabin for this shoot. I mean, it was their idea to do the shoot up there and that time of year ... but still. Not many people would smile through these temperatures!

libby + jamison engagements

This beautiful couple made me really excited for all my spring and summer weddings! I mean, look how cute they are! If all my clients are this in-love in front of the camera (and in real life, of course) then I will be set for the entire year! Enjoy their gorgeous engagement photos taken at the Utah State Capitol Building and also at the International Peace Gardens.