amanda + mickie

I haven't posted much in a while, let alone what I actually do for a living so I figured it's time to dive back into this summer and post something. It's just so tempting to post the baby boy that has stolen my heart all day long!

This wedding was a friggin party. I'm talking non-stop laughing, eating, hugging, singing, dancing ... the works! I was floored with how kind everyone was in the Bridal Party. They were all so sweet  to each other and their families and you could just tell this wedding was the merging of two families who couldn't wait to be merged! So sweet. I kinda wish it was the summer again so I could re-live this day, but I suppose this post will have to do!

erin + eric engagements

I was looking through my photos today and realized I never posted this cute engagement shoot from January! This winter engagement shoot was freeeeeezing! Kudos to these two for braving the frigid temperatures up Big Cottonwood Canyon at their cabin for this shoot. I mean, it was their idea to do the shoot up there and that time of year ... but still. Not many people would smile through these temperatures!