moving | ut - nv

Three months ago Paul and I received the wonderful news he got into Graduate School down in Henderson, Nevada! We were ecstatic to receive the news, especially because this was the answer to our prayers ... plus we needed a change. Big time.

Although I couldn't be more excited to move on with our lives, I am beyond sad to be leaving Salt Lake City ... my home. My parents are here, two of my five siblings are here, nieces and nephews are here, many of my friends are here. Paul will miss fishing and I will miss tree-lined streets. Paul will miss trail-running and I will miss four seasons. Paul will miss Real Salt Lake and I will miss attending General Conference

There are many things we're looking forward to, as well, so it's not all sad! Paul couldn't be more excited to be in school and moving towards a career and life he wants. I can't wait to have yet another place to call home (with Santa Barbara being my second home). We are both excited to eat our way through the diverse eateries and restaurants in Las Vegas! We are also both really looking forward to meeting new friends and making great connections with the wonderful people of Nevada.

Utah, you will be missed. Nevada ... here we come!