baby tate

Newborns. They are perfection in every single way. When I went to photograph this tiny 3-week old baby I didn't realize how much I would ache for those long nights and everything that comes with the newborn phase! I melted when I held her in my arms and I actually, momentarily wished Elliot was new again. Like, so new he can't do anything, new. I know every new mom is exhausted, and maybe that's why we can look back so fondly because we all know how tough, yet rewarding motherhood is.

This happy happy family made for beautiful sweet photos. Thank you for letting me be a part of your morning and to meet your sweet babes!

the strobelt family

This time of year is the time for family photos! Everyone here in Nevada craves the cooler temperatures and the beautiful desert scenery! This was no exception! What is more "Vegas" than desert? It was a great spot and the family was such a gorgeous pop of bright!