the hill family

The Hill Family chose Tibble Fork Reservoir as the destination for their family photos! And what a location it was! One of my favorites, by the way. Beautiful scenery and easy to find ... it can't be beat!

The shoot was a success! Noah was energetic and playful and loved being tossed around by his Dad! Lucas was a little snuggle bug and loved to be kissed and hugged and loved blowing the dandelion seeds off the dandelion! When kids are happy it makes my job a lot easier! 

Something I haven't yet mentioned is this family is dear to me .... dear to me because the momma is my cousin! I love her and have enjoyed seeing her get married and have a family of her own! Seeing her happy makes me so, so happy. Love you Anna!

baby owen

Photographing this little man made my entire week! Owen was (and is) a dream baby because he was all ready for his first photo shoot at only two weeks old! His parents, Tawnie and Scott, were so clearly ecstatic about his arrival, and it was so very sweet to see. And their home ... wow ... it was the perfect setting for their newborn and family shoot.

lorenzo family

This family ... wow ... such a beautiful, sweet, and put-together family. Their two children are so adventurous and have so much personality! This entire shoot was non-stop fun and action!

baby gray

This little 4-week old was truly the easiest baby I think I've ever photographed! Not to say other babies are particularly terrible, but baby Gray seemed especially content to be poked and prodded and photographed for a very long time!

Lately I've been realizing how incredible it is that people invite me in to their home, not knowing me, and allow me to document their beautiful intimate lives. I feel so lucky to be able to meet such strong and sweet people, such as this family. I couldn't have been more honored to meet them and photograph them.

Congratulations on your sweet baby boy!

the mcqueen family

I sure do love me a fabulous family photo shoot with really, really nice people! Being good-looking doesn't hurt either, right? This family holds some of the nicest, most genuine people I've met.