the hill family

The Hill Family chose Tibble Fork Reservoir as the destination for their family photos! And what a location it was! One of my favorites, by the way. Beautiful scenery and easy to find ... it can't be beat!

The shoot was a success! Noah was energetic and playful and loved being tossed around by his Dad! Lucas was a little snuggle bug and loved to be kissed and hugged and loved blowing the dandelion seeds off the dandelion! When kids are happy it makes my job a lot easier! 

Something I haven't yet mentioned is this family is dear to me .... dear to me because the momma is my cousin! I love her and have enjoyed seeing her get married and have a family of her own! Seeing her happy makes me so, so happy. Love you Anna!

zion national park

Last weekend I went down to Zion National Park with my husband, Paul, and our friends, Jamie and Ryan, to camp in the park. Wow. WOW! Zion blew me away. It's smaller than I thought but just as beautiful as I had imagined, or even more so. Something I love about living in SLC is that it makes it easy to get to some of the most beautiful spots in the world in only a few hours, so weekend trips are entirely doable. I have no clue why I don't go camping on more weekends, truthfully, but this was just the ticket for a great weekend trip!

the mcqueen family

I sure do love me a fabulous family photo shoot with really, really nice people! Being good-looking doesn't hurt either, right? This family holds some of the nicest, most genuine people I've met.

missy + ryan + sawyer

Take a peek inside the home of Missy + Ryan to see how they welcomed home their new son, Sawyer. These two are the sweetest of parents and I was so thankful to them for letting me in to their private life.

missy + ryan's maternity

Missy and Ryan have been long-time clients of mine since they hired me for their wedding back in 2010. It's safe to say they're much more to me now ... I like to consider us friends. When I heard they were expecting a baby boy my heart soared! These two deserve nothing but happiness and a sweet bundle of joy to fill their home.